Bob's Red Mill Flour, Artisan Bread, Unbleached Enriched 8 Lb

An employee-owned company. To your good health. Bob Moore. America's best baking flour. Loaves. Baguettes rolls. Buns. Bread sticks. Boules. Ciabata. Focaccia. Flatbreads. Pretzels. Premium high protein bread baking flour milled from America's highest quality wheat. For delicious baking delights from artisan breads and pizza crusts to dinner rolls and sandwich loaves. Dear Friends, There is something wonderful about baking. Watching dough rise in a warm oven. The aroma of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house. The beauty of a carefully shaped boule. All glorious, especially when shared with your dear ones. Baking is a creative expression, an expression of love. Just as you would choose your words carefully in a heartfelt note to a loved one, you should also choose the best ingredients when you bake. That's why we work so hard to bring you the very best baking flour - because it is so much more than just food. Flour is a way to share your talent, your bounty, your heart. May these precious gifts shine through in everything you bake. Bob Moore.