Daddy Sams Bar B Que Sawce, Ginger Jalapeno, Medium 19 Oz

All natural. Just slop it on! West Texas. Gluten free! Good goods are never cheap. Cheap goods are never good. The Ranch: In 1883, I rode a stagecoach from Virginia and ended up in Texas. With my last 5 dollars, I brought a cowboy hat from a young woman at the General Store. We eloped 2 years later, over her father's strong and reasonable objections. We had 8 children who all called me Daddy Sam. We hand a lot of family Barbeques on our ranch near Mertzon. Here's the Sawce. Just slop it on! - Daddy Sam. Nothing artificial, no starch, no thickeners, no high fructose corn syrup, no peanuts/treenuts, no MSG.