Earnest Eats Cereal, Hot & Fit, Asian Blend 14 Oz

Superfood hot cereal for real nourishment, fiber and energy to power your day. Ready in 5 minutes! 100% natural. Vegan. Wheat-free. Oats. Quinoa. Amaranth. Superfood grains. Mango. Green tea. Hot & Fit is about believing in nutrition density vs. calorie density, whole food ingredients vs. little bitty bits and that a hot little start to the day can feed your taste buds, body and spirit. And isn't being your healthiest, fittest you the smartest way to think about being your best? The world's first superfood hot cereal. Mango + Green Tea: We blend our favorite whole foods from across Asia - mango, matcha green tea, cinnamon and sesame seeds - for a spirited and evocative mix of textures, flavors and aromas. Superfood grains. 5 g fiber. 6 g proteins.