Natures Path Organic Granola Bars, Crunchy, Fruit & Nut, Apple Pie Crunch, Chia Plus

3 generations. New. 20 g whole grains. Good source of ALA omega-3 (Contains 0.20 g of ALA Omega 3 per serving, which is 12% of the recommended daily value of 1.6 g). USDA organic. Non GMO Project verified. Whole Grain: 20 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. We're so happy our paths have crossed. Was it the trail of apple pie crumbs and nutty pecans that led you here? Maybe you were looking for a crunchy snack when you came upon one of these hearty, whole-grain bars o' goodness. Just like Gramma used to make (if she made granola bars). Whatever your reasons for winding up on Nature's Path, we're glad you did. Let us know how your journey's going, how we can make it better, or maybe even what you think of our new look. Facebook: Twitter: naturespath. We'll see you on the path - how about snack time, same time tomorrow? Certified organic. Whole grains. Non-GMO. Growing up on an organic farm, I learned a lot about caring for the land and the importance of good stewardship. As my father Rupert used to say, Always leave the Earth better than you found it. Those wise words flavor everything we do here at Nature's Path. - Arran Stephens, Founder & Garden-keeper. Non-GMO: GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Doesn't sound too tasty, does it? The non-GMO project agrees, and their verification assures you that our products are made in a kitchen - not in a lab. Quality Assurance International certified organic. 100% recycled paperboard. This product is third-party certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Quality Guarantee: Not feeling the love? If you're less than thrilled with this product, let us know. Just send the bottom box flap with the UPC and best before stamp to: Consumer Services c/o Nature's Path Foods, 275-250 H St. Blaine, WA 98230 or contact us at: and we'll make things right. Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.