Peace Cereal, Clusters & Flakes, Walnut Spice

Whole ancient grain clusters, crispy wheat-rice flakes, walnuts and cinnamon. All natural. 29 g whole grain. 5 g fiber. 5 g protein. A contribution will be made to non-profit causes for every Peace Cereal product sold. Peace Cereal was made for you because you know that naturally delicious and healthy foods start with nature's best ingredients. Our cereals provide the wholesome goodness nature intended and are made only with premium whole grains, nuts and fruits providing you with a naturally delicious cereal. By effectively combining the finest all natural ingredients, sustainable practices and regular giving to worthy causes, Peace Cereal truly delivers peace of mind in every bite! Giving Back: Giving to worthy causes that benefit our neighbors, communities and environment is as much a part of Peace Cereal as our all natural cereals. That's why we make a contribution to non-profit causes for every Peace Cereal product sold. Recycle: This box is made of 100% recycled paper, 60% post-consumer waste, and is printed with environmentally-friendly vegetable-based inks. By using recycled paper, Peace Cereal helps protect forests and reduce the landfill burden. Please recycle this box. Do you wake up early just because you miss your favorite Peace Cereal product? Do you ever wish your lunch or dinner was really a big bowl of Peace Cereal? Do you have a pet named after your favorite Peace Cereal? We think this is normal behavior and understand completely. That's why Peace Cereal is on Facebook and Twitter so you can communicate with us and others just like you. Plus, we like to offer exclusive promotions, contests and giveaways to our friends and followers. The Peace Pledge: Peace Cereal is committed to delivering healthy and delicious natural foods that provide Peace of Mind in Every Bite! We back this commitment with our pledge that no product will display the Peace Cereal brand unless it meets the following criteria: Use only the finest all natural ingredients without compromise; All ingredients are grown and made without GMOs; Continually minimize our environmental impact through eco-friendly operations and packaging; Support our communities through ongoing giving; Deliver nutritious food that tastes great! Whole Grain: 29 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Product of the USA.