Henry & Lisas Sardines, Wild, In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4.25 Oz

Premium grade. Cleaned & cooked. Succulent natural meaty portions lightly smoked. Certified Sustainable Seafood: MSC. www.msc.org. Nurture your health. 869 mg omega 3 per serving. BPA free easy-open can. Meet the Fishers: Our succulent meaty sardines are caught off the beautiful West Coast of Europe in late summer when the fish have fattened up for spawning, utilizing certified sustainable time-honored net fishing techniques. These sleek silvery fish are rapid reproducers and travel in schools in the confluence of the tropical and northern currents off of the European West Coast creating productive upwelling. They feed near the surface at night on plankton, allowing fishers to easily target their catch and avoid by-catch of other species. Dear Friends: Thank you for your support! Our mission is to be your family's trusted source for the world's healthiest, safest, highest quality, all-natural sustainable seafood - naturally. Congratulations, you have purchased one of the world's healthiest most complete foods! Packed with amazing nutritional benefits (CoQ10, vitamin D & B12, protein, phosphorous, niacin, calcium, potassium, iron, selenium, omega-3's), our sardines are a nutritional powerhouse. We traveled throughout the European West Coast visiting sardine festivals to find the highest quality and most sustainable sardines available. Considered historically the true sardine, these sardines have the meatiest tuna like flavor around. They are hand packed in a local time-honored micro-cannery and cooked only once in the can, preserving the meat's texture and valuable oil content. They are wildly delicious; eat them straight from the can! - Henry & Lisa. Serve with a salad, on toast or eat straight from the can. Thank you for choosing seafood that has met the MSC's global standard for sustainability. Together we can help protect fish stocks for the future. www.msc.org. www.henryandlisas.com. MSC certified. BPA free can. Superfood. Good source of omega-3. Easy open can. Wild product of Portugal.