Alessi Tomatoes Sun-Dried

Imported. Alessi Sun Dried Tomatoes come from the farmlands of the Mediterranean basin. These Sun Dried Tomatoes are handpicked when at their prime; juicy, red and fragrantly ripe. They are then split in half, salted and laid out on large wooden flats to dry in the sun. Alessi Sun Dried Tomatoes are a welcomed addition to many foods. Because they have a highly concentrated tomato flavor, a small amount goes a long way. Use in appetizers, dips and canapes. Drop in soups or red meat stews. Sprinkle minced pieces on green salads or use in pasta or rice salads. Toss with pasta or include in risotto, omelettes or quiches. Use as a topping on your favorite pizza of focaccia or add to bread dough. Uses of Alessi Sun Dried Tomatoes are limited only by one's imagination. Product of Turkey.