Fillos Beans and Sofrito 10 oz

16 grams plant protein. 50 seconds microwavable. Vegan friendly. Non GMO Project verified. Serve with rice, as a side, as a dip, or alone! Breakfast: fillos + eggs. Lunch: fillos + avocado. Dinner: fillos + rice. Mexican Mayocoba: We've seasoned the mayacoba beans in this pouch with o Mexican spin on sofrito-a piquant mixture of onion, garlic, ancho chile and epazote, all gently sauteed in olive oil. The only other ingredients are sea salt and water. The result is full of flavor, nutrients and history. Americas Made: We grew up with the foods of the Americas and remain dedicated to their history and diversity. We carefully source ingredients and develop production techniques that respect tradition. And we do it all with convenience in mind. centuries in the making. One minute in the microwave. BPA free. Prepared in the USA.