Patagonia Provisions Mackerel, Lemon Caper, Box 4.2 Oz

Lemon caper mackerel in olive oil How to Enjoy Our Mackerel: A great pantry staple for pasta or salads, seasoned with lemon and capers and packed in extra-virgin olive oil. The seasonings are on the bottom, so flip the can onto a plate so they flow evenly over the fish. Why Mackerel: A mild, meaty smaller fish, Atlantic mackerel are an excellent source of protein and vitamin B-12. Ours swim in immense schools off the coast of northern Spain, and by choosing to eat these fish, we're taking the pressure off less abundant species like tuna. We're also supporting local fishing families who use traditional hook and line techniques, which means almost no bycatch. More information inside. Certified B Corporation. 1% for the planet. Recycle. Reuse. FSC: Mixto. We're in business to save our home planet. Product of Spain.