Manischewitz Broth, Chicken 32 oz

Quality since 1888. Kosher for Passover. No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. L'Chaim! To life! All natural. Low fat. No MSG. Healthy body. Healthy spirit. Easy open. Resealable cap. Manischewitz is proud to bring you our Kosher for Passover Chicken Broth. Made like homemade. Taste like homemade. We start with a recipe - not a formula. Our broth recipe is slow cooked to create a savory and rich taste. We use all-natural Kosher for Passover ingredients and real chicken stock because it's the only way to bring out the goodness and homemade flavor. Man-O-Manischewitz! Deliciously different for over 120 years! For over 120 years Manischewitz has been bringing you a variety of great tasting items to enjoy at your Passover table. We continue our commitment to deliver high quality food products that meet the highest kosher standards. Enjoy some of our other delicious food products that are available for Passover. For delicious recipes and product information visit. Product of USA.