Proud Source Spring Water, Sparkling, Lightly Carbonated 25.3 Fl Oz

Naturally filtered, no additives. Fund outdoor cleanups. For the planet member 1%. Crafted by nature. Our crisp, natural spring water is bottled at the source in infinitely recyclable aluminum. Sourced at the base of Idaho’s majestic Mt. McCaleb, it’s filtered by thousands of layers of ancient volcanic soil, leaving it mineral-rich, and deliciously vital. Bottled for nature. Ending single use plastic is just the beginning. At Proud Source we hold ourselves accountable to the earth in all aspects of our craft from our sourcing methods to everything involved in getting the product on the shelf. It’s a choice today for tomorrow. Naturally occurring. Minerals & electrolytes. Contents: Proud Source Spring Water with carbonation (CO2) added. Infinitely recyclable. 1% for the planet member. Certified B Corporation.