Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water, 25.3 fl oz. Glass Bottle

PERRIER Carbonated Natural Spring Water is daringly elegant and boldly refreshing. Originating from Vergèze, France, PERRIER has delighted beverage seekers for over 150 years with its unique blend of distinctive, sparkling bubbles and balance mineral content. PERRIER is committed to building a more sustainable world, pledging to safeguard the quality of our water and air by becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2022, and continuing to drive sustainability initiatives across transportation, packaging, sourcing, and manufacturing. Today, PERRIER 750 mL glass bottles are 100% recyclable. With zero calories and zero sugars or sweeteners, PERRIER Carbonated Natural Spring Water is a great healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks and is the perfect sparkling partner for delicious cocktails or mocktails. PERRIER is also refreshing on its own, making the 750 mL glass bottle ideal for on-the-go or to be enjoyed at home every day.