Q Soda, Kola

Spectacular kola. Real kola nut, organic agave. Imagine if you could make a better cola. One that has the spice of John Pemberton's original recipe for Coca Cola but not the syrupy sweetness of today's factory colas. Well, that's what we've done. I started with organic ingredients from real trees and plants then added a dash of organic agave. I call it Q Kola. It's clean, crisp, and not too sugary with a nice balance of spice, tang, savory, and sweet. Enjoy, - Jordan Silbert, Founder. V Learn more at qdrinks.com. Agave. Nutmeg. Kola Nut. Lemon. Orange. Lime. Cinnamon Clove. Coriander. Take one bad idea, add puritanical government regulations, and what do you get? Blockbuster commercial success! Ever heard of Pemberton's French Wine Coca? Nobody has. But this was John Pemberton's first take on a beverage. when his country in Georgia went dry he was forced to change the formula and the name, giving us - Coca-Cola.