Neo Water Superwater

Enhanced + added minerals. Alkaline. Electrolytes. Antioxidants. With three active benefits in one, Neo is an ultra purified, healthy and refreshing water formulated to hydrate, protect and propel you unlike any traditional water. Alkaline: Neo is uniquely high alkaline, helping counterbalance your daily acidic diet and stress. Neo's alkaline benefits help strengthen your immune system, flush toxins and move your body towards a healthier pH. Electrolytes: Neo's unique microwater clusters reach farther and penetrate your body deeper. Combined with its electrolytes and increased oxygen, Neo delivers faster hydration and replenishment than nearly any other beverage on earth. Antioxidants: Neo's unique antioxidants neutralize free radicals the body releases when under exertion, helping protect your cells from being damaged. Combined with its other benefits, Neo detoxifies, protects and returns the body to vitality faster. Taste and feel the difference. Neo is a new-age company committed to producing high quality, exceptionally healthy and environmentally conscious products that lift human health and performance. Live well. An eco responsible product. 1% to people and planet. Smarter hydration. Better health performance and recovery. Alkalized & oxygenated. Added essential minerals. Zero calories. BPA free & recyclable.