Flow Spring Water, Alkaline 33.8 Fl Oz

Alkaline water at the source. pH 8.1. With naturally occurring electrolytes, essential minerals and an alkaline ph of 8.1. Natural electrolytes & minerals. TDS = 319 mg/L. 0.07 ppm Naturally occurring fluoride. Why Flow? Naturally Alkaline: Sourced from our artesian spring, Flow naturally collects electrolytes and essential minerals giving it an alkaline pH of +/-8.1, and that smooth, delicious taste. Mindful Hydration: We believe in the power of mindful hydration. From our unique source and how we protect it, to our sustainable packaging and transparent business practices. All choices have a ripple effect. And the water you choose to gulp is as important as the food you eat. So why eat organic and drink conventional? FSC: Mix - board. Recyclable only where facilities exist recyclecartons.com. Sustainability: No more plastic bottles. Our pack is made with a plant-based cap, +68% renewable materials, all responsibly-sourced. Flow packs are 100% recyclable, designed to have low carbon footprint. 100% recyclable +68% renewable. Recyclable: Only where facilities exist recyclecartons.com. Certified B Corporation.