Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, Organic, Harmless

USDA organic. Fair for life. Fair trade. Less plastic is fantastic. Learn more at Harmlessharvest.com. We pioneer, we don't follow. Harmless Coconut is the pure water of organic, young coconuts. Unlike some other coconut waters, this is not an ultra-processed blend, but simply coconut water. Got a pink one? Coconut water contains varying levels of antioxidants that can make it turn pink. Instead of hiding this harmless and natural color change, we embrace it. Pink or clear - they're both delicious. Harmless Organic Means: No GMOs; No synthetic fertilizers; No artificial additives; No toxic pesticides; No irradiation. BPA free. What is Harmless Coconut? The Ingredients: We harvest only fragrant, tasty, organic young coconuts. The Process: Traditional cultivation methods and our pioneering technologies maintain the integrity of the coconut water bottled directly at the source. The Environment: Our coconut water is only as good as the plants we harvest. Using organic farming methods means a better environment for the plants and a cleaner planet for all of us. The People: We chose Fair for Life certification to share the welfare we create throughout our chain of custody, from plant to farmers and workers to partners. It's our way of feeding the world while caring for the planet. Contact us. 1.347.467.0733. harmlessharvest.com. Please recycle. Contains 100% juice. Certified organic by BioAgricert. Certified Fair For Life by IMO. 100% Fair For Life Certified ingredients. Product of Thailand.