Q Water, Tonic, Spectacular

Organic Agave. Real Quinine. Imagine if you could start over. And make your favorite drink even better. Well, I spent years creating a spectacular tonic water. I began with handpicked Peruvian quinine, just like when tonic water was invented back in 1825. Then for a gentle roundness, I lightly sweetened Q Tonic with organic agave, not loads of high fructose corn syrup. I topped it off with champagne carbonation, for just the right thing. Crisp and clean, with 60% fewer calories, Q Tonic is the perfect match for the world's best spirits. Enjoy, - Jordan Silbert. Founder. Product per 12 oz: Q Tonic: calories 70; sweetener 17 g (Organic Agave). Fever Tree Tonic Water: calories 132; sweetener 27 g (Sugar). Schweppes Tonic Water: calories 135; sweetener 33 g (High Fructose Corn Syrup). A Gin & Tonic is 30% gin and 70% tonic. So shouldn't you be using a tonic water that's as good as your favorite gin? It's your drink. Choose Q Tonic. Learn more at qdrinks.com.