Temple Turmeric Elixir, Original

Turmeric. Ginger. Cardamom. Spearmint. Cinnamon. Honey. Lemon. Sea salt. Cayenne. Cold pressured. Non-GMO. We use HPP. Drink Enlightenment: We are Temple Turmeric purveyors of the world's first and finest family of turmeric-based beverages. Turmeric is a multi-functional principle herb in healthy living for millions around the globe. Guided by our proprietary varietal of volcanic organic, non-GMO Hawaiian Oana Turmeric, our devotion is sharing soulful health and an energy of awareness for your body as Temple. Each drinkable serving offers our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric plus synergistic botanicals for optimized absorption. We then utilize cold-pressure (HPP) technology for a revolutionary way to access this nutritional powerhouse. Traceability to the Soil: Temple Turmeric works hand in hand with family-owned and operated Hawaiian turmeric farms, offering 100% transparency and traceability to our nutrient enriched volcanic soil. Each bottle manifests a celebration of purification, mindfulness and exceptional health. Breathe deep & enjoy the journey. The Fresh OG: The Universe's first ready-to drink whole root turmeric Elixir. Born in 2009 in the basement of Manhattan's own East Village Trinity Church, the Original is a revitalizing, pure expression of our hand-harvested Hawaiian Oana Turmeric - offering 13 grams per bottle. Honor your body with the highest quality, most compassionately grown turmeric in existence. True Synergistic Adaptogens: We use the enzymatic properties of a rich, raw honey along with ginger, spearmint and cayenne to help your body absorb and maximize the full potential of our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric in this bottle. Non GMO Project verified. Sustainable practices. Gluten-free. BPA-free. Safe & recyclable plastic. Please visit us online at TempleTurmeric.com.