Zhenas Gypsy Tea Green Tea, Tropical, Berry Bellini

Fine green tea imbued with raspberry and sweet peach. USDA organic. Eco-friendly tea saches. Flavor to Savor: Brew up a tropical escape with this unique, health-inducing cup of exotic lush sweet taste from paradise. Each captivating sip will transport you to spectacular sun-drenched white sandy beaches and translucent turquoise water bordered by curving coconut palms. Indulge both body and spirit. Also wondrous over ice. Tiki torches and island music not included. As Time Floats By: The bright blush of succulent white peaches and ripe red raspberries and artfully blended with fine green tea leaves and a kick from champagne to create a quaffable cup. Inspired by one of Italy's most popular infusions celebrating the 15th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini, this delicious and refreshing brew is an exotic twist. Experience a taste of Venice from any part of the world. No passport required. Certified organic by Lacon. Organic and Fair Trade certified.