Clipper Of England Clippr Tea Og Ft Green

A superb organic single estate Fairtrade green tea Light and refreshing. USDA Organic. Certified organic by CCOF. Fairtrade: Guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers. Green tea's properties have been recognised for centuries, and can help maintain the body's balance against the stress and strains of modern life. Clipper Organic Green Tea is grown naturally at over 9000 feet in the nationally protected Bhavani Hills region, India. This small, selected Fairtrade tea garden is completely integrated into its wild and remote environment. The landscape is very similar to the Scottish highlands with lakes and moors, but with the addition of tigers, samba and wild boar. The lovely, delicate flavour and light golden colour of this organic green tea is due to the slow growing China tea plant which gives the highest quality and the purest healthiest tea when grown at this altitude and in this environment. The Fairtrade Mark displayed on this delicious Clipper tea is your independent guarantee that the people who produce it are protected from exploitation. The Fairtrade tea gardens are regularly inspected to ensure they fulfil the strict standards laid down by the Fairtrade Foundation, covering education, healthcare, housing, fair pay, safe working conditions and many other welfare matters.