Reed's Raspberry Ginger Brew All Natural Raspberry Ginger Ale

All natural raspberry ginger ale. Non-alcoholic. Naturally brewed. Tasting the difference brewing makes! Out of a passion for ginger, we have revived a unique ginger ale (beer) brewing process that predates modern soft drink technology. Our ginger ales have won numerous gourmet awards and have been the top selling non-alcoholic beverages in natural and gourmet foods stores nationwide for years. In many cultures, ginger is believed to be an excellent digestive aid, arthritis remedy, motion sickness cure and general all around tonic root. Our fifth ginger ale creation, Reed's Raspberry Ginger Brew, recipe is a natural twist on our home brewed ginger ale recipes. Our recipe uses the finest fresh ginger root (17 grams per bottle), exotic spices and a tart raspberry juice to produce our spicy delicious raspberry ginger ale. 20% fruit juice. Strong ginger bite. 17 grams fresh ginger per bottle. Gluten free. Caffeine free. No preservatives. Naturally brewed. Before modern soft drink technology existed, non-alcoholic beverages were brewed at home directly from herbs, roots, spices and fruits. These hand-crafted brews were then aged like wine and prices not only for their taste but for their tonic, health giving properties. Reed's brews are a delicious revival of this lost home brewing art and are made from the original way using the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices and fruits. Each batch is carefully brewed and aged with great pride by our expert brewmasters.