Joia Soda Soda Pineapple Coconut

An intensely refreshing crafted beverage. Natural flavors & sweeteners. Nothing artificial. Drink distinct. Tropical pineapple. Sweet, nutty coconut. Even nuttier, nutmeg. Send taste buds on holiday with an intensely fresh tasting escape. Nothing artificial. No preservatives or caffeine. Visit us at Joia: adj. bright, brilliant, full of life, a jewel, a delight. Produces great pleasure. When the moment calls for something truly enjoyable drink distinct. Joia is a tantalizing combination of fruits, herbs, and spices that creates layers of intensely fresh flavor for a wonderfully refreshing beverage. Joia. Drink distinct. An intensely fresh tasting product from Boundary Waters Brands. Visit us at Joia to the World: 100% recycled paperboard. Please recycle.