Harmless Harvest Coconut Water 8 oz

With Fair Trade coffee. USDA organic. Fair for Life fair trade. Fair & organic. Raw Coconut Water Meets Unique Fair Trade Coffee Beans: We matched our critically acclaimed, raw, fair & organic coconut water with outstanding organic, fair trade coffee beans from Peru. Our proprietary roasting, blending & bottling deliver a deliciously bold coffee & coconut experience. With no added sugar, dairy or preservatives, you can now brighten your day with a low-glycemic, healthy, and hydrating pick-me-up. Raw is Rad: Raw means higher nutrient bioavailability and uncompromised flavor. That's why we apply thousands of pounds of pressure to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria, and avoid the high temperatures of conventional pasteurization that affect nutrients and taste. Please recycle. Fair from Farm to Bottle: How food is grown matters, and so does caring for those who produce it. We are committed to organic farming, and choose Fair for Life to ensure Fair Trade and social progress at the farms, in our factory, & throughout our supply chain. It's our way of feeding the world without destroying the planet. USDA organic means: no GMOs; no synthetic fertilizers; no artificial additives; no toxic pesticides; no irradiation. Contact us. 347-467-0733. harmlessharvest.com. Certified organic by Bioagricert. Fair for Life - Social & Fair Trade certified by IMO. 100% Fair for Life certified ingredients. BPA free. 98% juice. No added sugar / non dairy. Not from concentrate. Product of Thailand.