Dry Soda Dry Soda Juniper Berry

Piney. Herbal. Refined. Juniper berries are conifers' little pine-flavored gift. Drinking juniper berry is like hugging a tree with your taste buds. Characteristics: Piney; Herbal; Refined. - Sharelle Klaus, Founder and CEO. Sip. Pair. Mix. With a clean ingredient panel and exotic flavors. Dry is a sparkling beverage worthy of gourmet food pairing and premium mixology. Pairing Ideas: Filet mignon; cioppino; portobello mushrooms; pho; roasted vegetables. Explore pairing and mixology recipes at Drysparkling.com. Caffeine free. Sodium free. Please recycle. Certified gluten free. Unexpectedly crisp. Made in USA.