Naked® Pure Coconut Water 1 L Carton

Pure. All natural. Good source of potassium. 35 calories per 8 fl oz serving. Each 1 liter pack of Naked Coconut Water naturally contains essential electrolytes including: 1859 mg of potassium (more than 4 bananas!); 154 mg of calcium; 78 mg of magnesium. The Naked Truth: No preservatives; no added sugar; fat free; cholesterol free; gluten free. Learn more at the Naked Truth. Our coconuts are health nuts. Grab a Naked Coconut Water and revitalize with 100% pure hydration. This natural water, extracted from delicious coconuts, is nature's perfect solution to help replenish the electrolytes you need. To quench your thirst, revitalize your body and satisfy your taste buds, Naked Coconut Water is straight from the source, but easier than carrying around a coconut. Naked. Nothing but naturally delicious. Like a coconut with an easy pull tab. Enjoy chilled. Not a low calorie food. Product of Indonesia.