Ka Me 100% Juice, Purple Roots & Fruits

A blend of vegetable & fruit juices from concentrate. With added natural ingredients. No added sugar. Pasteurized. Live true. For over a century we have been guided by our Japanese philosophy of living True, which means that our 100% juices are as nature intended, with no artificial ingredients, added with no artificial ingredients, added sugars or preservatives. Kagome's Purple Roots & Fruits is a refreshing blend of 8 vegetables and 4 fruits such as wild blueberries, black grapes, purple carrots and beets. Purple vegetables and fruits are a natural source of antioxidants, which have long been associated with promoting healthy aging and memory function. Rich color, Kagome's juices deliver the goodness of vegetables and the refreshing, juicy taste of fruit. The perfect choice whenever you're ready to replenish your body and soul! 5 Vegetable/fruit servings. USDA defines one vegetable/fruit serving as 6 fl oz of 100% juice.