Gt's Ancient Mushroom Elixir, Root Beer 16 Fl Oz

Let thy food be thy medicine. Nature's Defense: Alive is Nature's answer to protecting and preserving your body's vitality. Using the fruiting body of three powerful adaptogenic mushrooms, we craft this antioxidant-rich offering to defend your body against free radicals and the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Our nutrient-dense elixir creates a natural force field that helps slow aging, reduce cellular degradation, and maximize physical recovery. - GT Dave, Founder. A Trio of Powerful Mushrooms: Reishi: Known as The Mushroom of Immortality, this widely celebrated mushroom has been used to enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue. Chaga: Used extensively as an anti-inflammatory, people have consumed this mushroom for thousands of years to balance energy, improve digestion, and detoxify the body. Turkey Tail: With looks similar to that of a wild turkey, this beautiful, immune-boosting mushroom contains nutrients that can balance gut bacteria and offer-anti-carcinogenic properties. What is a fruiting body? A fruiting body is the whole mushroom - fully formed cap and stem. Most products only use the mycelium, which is the root of the mushroom. However, using the fruiting body is the best way to get more of its nutritional benefits. Made with whole ingredients, therefore settling may occur. Lightly sparkling.