Odwalla Smoothie, Blackberry Fruit Shake

Fruit Smoothie Blend. A sweet and rich smoothie of apple and orange juices, pureed bananas, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries - a stirring three-berry shakeup! Prepare for Ecstacy! In this colorful fruitdance, you'll find ripe blackberries twirling with five flavorful fruits, for a rich, sweet smoothie that's as beautiful as it is slurpable. A dazzling companion to your morning muffin, afternoon bagel, or all by itself, it's a tasty way to help meet your daily fruit quota. One sip will turn you into a fruitshake fanatic! No GMO. Separation is natural - Shake it up! A smooth story: For over twenty years, Odwalla's passion has been to bring new fruit friends together into fantastic flavor creations juice for humans . We pour our heart and soul into our innovative smoothies - crafting delicious, convenient nutrition systems. Here we present a lip smackin' classic berrylicious blend. Drink it & Thrive. Nourishing Communities: Please recycle this container. 100% Juice/Puree Blend. Flash pasteurized. Nourishing the body whole.