Honest Tea, Kombucha, Lemon Ginger

Live, organic & raw. USDA organic. Active probiotic cultures. Fair Trade certified. Kombucha is a tea with culture, and not just because of its ancient roots in Russia and China - it's also made with live probiotic cultures. Once referred to as the elixir of life, this slightly tart, slightly sweet fermented tea was believed to grant immortality. Alas, those folks aren't still around to make the case, but the health benefits are so great we can see how they got carried away. Our Honest Kombucha is a raw culture brewed with Fair Trade Certified organic tea and a touch of organic cane sugar to create and effervescent blend of active enzymes, organic acids and polyphenols that detoxify and energize. Getting a taste of culture has never been so invigorating. Honestly yours, Seth & Barry. PS: Ginger was a very expensive spice in Roman times. One pound of ginger was equivalent to the price of a whole sheep. Our savory ginger Kombucha comes in convenient bottles - no livestock required. This is not your typical Honest Tea. It has a uniquely tangy taste that 's surprisingly addictive Strands in the bottle are signs of a good culture! Best not to shake it up - Honest Kombucha is slightly fizzy and we want you to drink it, not wear it. If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. - Carl Sagan. Probiotic Content: Gluconacetobacter bacterium, Z. kombuchaensis, dekkera bruxellensis and dekkera anomala. Acidic Content: Acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid and glucoronic acid. Gluten free. No GMOs. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.