Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Coffee with Tulsi + Ashwaganda 12oz pkg

100% arabica. Your Daily Balancing Act: Balances occasional stress. Adapts to your body’s unique needs. Provides energy with half the caffeine (50/50 blend of regular ground coffee and decaffeinated ground coffee. Contains half the caffeine compared to Four Sigmatic Think Ground Coffee). Supports whole body wellness. Elevates your coffee routine with functional ingredients. Notes of: Caramel & nuts. Made with the Best of the Best: We pair decaffeinated coffee from Peru with full-strength coffee from Honduras to create a lower caffeine blend. Both are from organic fair trade cooperatives located 3,900 to 5,9oo feet above sea level. Ashwagandha and Eleuthero have been used in traditional herbal practices for thousands of years. We extract the adaptogenic roots of these plants to unlock the best of the best benefits. Taste like coffee, not like mushrooms. Deliciously Crafted to Elevate Your Day: Inspired by our Finnish roots, we’re upgrading everyday favorites like coffee and protein with premium functional ingredients. We believe elevated wellness should be a delicious an almost-magically easy part of your day. Learn Finnish: Ei minua varten tarvii keittaa. Definition: You don’t have to brew coffee for me. This is what a humble Finn says when someone invites them over for coffee. But in reality they mean, if you’re making coffee for yourself, then I will have some, but no need to make a big deal of my visit. Plant-based. Fair Trade certified. Organic fair trade.