Earth's Best Organic Cookies, Organic, Vanilla, Sesame Street 5.3 oz

Organic letter of the day cookies. Make a match. Match your sesame street friends and the nutritious foods to the first letter in their names. Earth’s Best organic letter of the day cookies are a nutritious and great tasting way for kids to learn their ABC’s. Tremendous in taste and bursting with vanilla flavor, snack time makes great together time! Very vanilla organic letter of the day cookies make learning letters fun and delicious. There are lots of lovely letters, letters really are a treat and my favorite kind of letters are the ones that you can eat. A is for apple that is red and sweet and yummy. B is for banana, which belongs inside my tummy. C is for carrot, which I love to munch and crunch. All these tasty letters make me hungry for my lunch! D is for delicious - oh, each letter tastes so good, I'd gobble up the alphabet if I only could! Banana. Apple. Carrot.