Organic Valley Orange Juice, Organic Calcium Added

Pasteurized. Not from concentrate. Premium juice. Produced without synthetic pesticides. USDA organic. Organic sunshine. You're about to taste the sunny essence of perfect Pacific oranges. The brilliant taste of this juice comes from the warm days and cool nights in coastal inland valleys. The farmer-owners of the groves wait until each orange reaches the perfect pitch of ripeness before taking it from the branch It's an inspired taste from all-organic groves. We knew you'd want it that way. Our trees are never sprayed with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, leaving the fruit free to drink up nature's pure waters and minerals, from blossom to harvest. That s how this spectacular sweet fruit is born. From the ground up. At Organic Valley we nurture the soil and protect the water, allowing native plants and animals to thrive in their natural habitat. There's delicious joy in juice again. One sip, and you'll taste how sweet it really can be! Join farm friends! No artificial colors - The color of this juice will vary due to seasonality of oranges. Juice from the United States and Mexico. Oregon Tilth certified organic. Why choose Organic Valley juice? Lip-smacking, tummy-rubbing good! A delicious, premium taste like never before. Every serving contains 120% of USDA-recommended daily value of Vitamin C. Good source of potassium, and good source of folate. Made in harmony with nature, in groves free from synthetic pesticide and herbicide sprays, protecting fragile soil, water and wildlife. Supports family-owned citrus groves!