NYC Sfoglini Pasta Shop Organic Whole Grain Reginetti

NYC Sfoglini Pasta Shop Organic Whole Grain Reginetti. Organic American Grains. USDA Organic. Net wt 12 oz [340g]. Slow air dried at low temperatures to preserve flavor and nutrition. Made with organic hard red wheat flour and organic durum semolina. Our ribbon shaped pasta is beautiful to behold and complements any sauce. We love it with everything from a spiced meat ragu to baked casseroles. Originally from Naples, Reginetti or Mafaldine pasta, means "little queens" in honor of Princess Mafalda of Savoy from the 12th century. Our unique whole grain blend features an organic, stone milled hard red flour from New York's Hudson Valley. This rich, robust flour is blended with organic durum semolina and offers a nutritional boost to our Reginetti. Vegan & Non-GMO. Traditional Italian techniques. Meet the finest American grains to make Sfoglini pasta. In 2012, Sfoglini (Sfo-lee'-nee) opened its doors in Brooklyn, NY with one clear mission: to bring classic Italian style pasta back to New York City. Our name is inspired by the Sfogline, the generations of Italian grandmothers, mothers, and daughters from Bologna who perfected the art of pasta making over the centuries. Today, we're honored to share a piece of our heritage with cherished homes and restaurants around the country. Why does it taste so good Two reasons: our grains and our process. We source only top quality American organic grains. From there, we extrude the dough through bronze dies for a superior texture that sauce clings to. Then, we slow dry to preseve flavor and nutrition. This is why some of New York's most revered restaurants choose to serve our pasta. Visit for recipes and pairing suggestions.