Nairns Cookies, Oat, Dark Chocolate Chip

All natural. Wheat free recipe. Wholegrain oats. Naturally Energizing: Bursting with natural, indulgent flavors, Nairn's Oat Cookies are a delicious, healthy choice for the whole family. Full of whole grain goodness, oats are an excellent source of soluble fiber. Oats are also packed with slow energy-release carbohydrates. This means a more satisfying snack that keeps you going for longer! Nairn's Oat Cookies are packed in pouches for on-the-go snacking and school lunches, and are perfect with a cup of tea. Naturally Nairns': At Nairn's we know and love our oats. We have been baking with them in Scotland since 1888! Our oats are grown in the Scottish Borders where the climate is perfect for slowly and naturally ripening the grains - our farmers don't need insecticides! Wholesome, natural food with oats, wheat free recipes, it's that simple. 4 individually wrapped pouches. Suitable for vegans. No trans fats. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Our product contains sustainable palm oil. Product of Scotland by Nairn's.