New Pi x Yelp MINCED Basket

Ever watch cooking shows at home and think, 'Gee, what dish would I make?' Well, we're gonna find out! Yelp Iowa City and New Pioneer Food Co-op teamed up to host Minced the finer version of that one show. A gluten-free, vegetarian friendly cook-off involving four local mystery ingredients, creativity and community.. all from the comfort of your kitchen. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. RSVP on the Yelp Iowa City event page for a complimentary Minced Mystery Box. (Yep, entering is completely FREE. You just need a valid Yelp account and to be local, for pickup.) 2. Get a confirmation email with competition details and a promo code. Order your Minced Mystery Box via New Pi's online shopping platform, Co-op Cart. Pop on the platform Nov 30 - Dec 2 to secure your box -- use the promo so that it rings up as free of charge. 3. Pick-up your COMPLIMENTARY Minced Mystery Box of local ingredients at your preferred New Pi location (Cedar Rapids, Coralville or Iowa City) on December 5 or 6. 4. Cook up a tasty dish with ALL FOUR local ingredients by EOD Tuesday, 12/7. Yeah, you have a couple of days to produce a masterful dish. 5. Submit the FIVE items listed below to by midnight that night (12:00AM CST 12/8) to win bragging rights, a trophy and GRAND PRIZE. *See required items for submission below.* 6. Log in to Zoom on Thursday, 12/9, from 6-7PM (CST). This virtual award show will showcase submissions, introduce you to the judges and local businesses featured (virtually) and more! **A link will be sent to those who submit a dish.** SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE: 1. Name of contestant(s). 2. Name of dish. 3. Description of dish. Sell us on it! Tell us the flavors, the smells, the texture-- we want all the descriptions. 150 words max. 4. Social media worthy photo. Make our taste buds salivate just looking at your submission. #foodporn 5. Selfie with your dish. Let's see the chef(s) behind the masterpiece! To Enter: 1. Go to to register on the event page. 2. RSVP by 11/30. Order Minced Mystery Box online via New Pi's Co-op Cart by 12/2 with promo code. 3. Pick up the Minced Mystery Box at one of New Pi's three locations, 12/5 or 12/6. 4. Cook submission by EOD 12/7 Email five items to by midnight (12AM CST) 12/8. 5. Cook submission by EOD 12/7 6. Email five items to by midnight (12AM CST) 12/8. *Winner will be announced LIVE at a virtual award show, 12/9. There will be some guest judges and the local businesses featured in attendance.