Beeler Bacon Ends And Pieces

Not all pork is created equal. So how can we make such mouthwatering meat without any artificial enhancement? Enter the European “Red” Duroc. This breed of pig is simply superior, to begin with. With beautiful marbling, texture, and the perfect pH, it truly is the “perfect pig.” Combine that with years of meticulous genetic work, and you’re left with a natural lineage of superior pigs which produce a juicy, tender, and flavorful dining experience rivaled by none. With only four or five ingredients in each product, you could say simplicity is our recipe for success. We proudly meet and exceed the USDA’s standard to be considered “minimally processed” which requires that nothing is done to the meat to alter the natural taste. Raising all natural, antibiotic-free hogs. It just comes naturally to us. Not only do we have strict standards for the ingredients in our products, but we also uphold humane treatment of our pigs. We reject the use of gestation crates and let our pigs have space to roam free.