Lotus Foods White Quick Cook Organic Rice 15 oz

Cook in 10 minutes! Heirloom kalijira rice. Rice is life. Organic white quick cook rice. Organic quick cook rice is a beloved heirloom rice variety called kalijira, or Gobindobhog, and grown in West Bengal, India. This unique tiny grain is cherished for its quick cooking time while retaining its tender texture, fragrant aroma and delicate flavor. Grown by family farmers using regenerative more crop per drop practices, quick cook rice is traditionally reserved for special occasions. Now you can enjoy it anytime. It's ready in just 10 minutes, and for today's global cuisine is perfect in any savory or sweet rice dish. Do the rice thing. Lotus Foods brings you exceptional rice varieties from around the world, each chosen for its unique flavor, nutritional value and ease of cooking. We support family farms that preserve rice biodiversity and use sustainable growing practices. Since 2008, we have committed to using more crop per drop farming methods and changing how rice is grown around the world! Growing rice water smart, women strong & climate wise. More crop per drop. 50% less water + 90% less seed + 40% less methane = 3x more rice. Certified B Corporation.