Local Crate Meal Kit Chicken Taco

Char Siu (sweet Chinese 5 Spice) seasoned chicken tacos packed into crispy corn tortillas served with a creamy sesame slaw. Gluten free. Featured Chef: Yia Vang. Locally sourced ingredients. Mid west. Ready in 30-35 min. Makes 2 servings. Recipe card inside. Pre-portioned ingredients ready to go! Chicken Breasts. Char Siu mix. Corn Tortillas. Cilantro. Cabbage. Sesame oil. Rice vinegar. Carrot. Thai chili. Lime. Sour cream. Recipe card on inside sleeve. Simple meals. Cook happy. Eat local. About local crate. This fresh, delicious, easy recipe is bought to you by award-winning chefs, local farmers, and passionate makers while directly nourishing hunger relief efforts in your community. Good things come to those who Crate. Featured Partner: Yia Vang, Union Kitchen - Saint Paul, MN. Yia Vang is the proprietor of the pop-up restaurant Union Kitchen. He was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and his father and mother moved their family to the US in 1988. While working in some of the foremost kitchens of Minneapolis (including Nighthawks, Borough, and Spoon and Stable) he began to find his own voice in showcasing Hmong food. His belief is that Hmong isn't a kind of food but it's a philosophy of food. Hmong food is not defined by its product, it's defined by its process. He believes that the melding of many cultures plays a role in the cultural DNA of the Hmong people. Learn more at localcrate.com/cook. Visit localcrate.com/cook to watch video on recipe. For any questions or feedback contact. Recycle this package.