Kooshy Croutons, Almost Naked 5 oz

Real bread makes real croutons. All natural. Taste the difference. Not quite your birthday suit, our Almost Naked croutons have nothing to hide with just a hint of sea salt and black pepper. Simple, refined, delicious! Perfect for salad, soup, snacking and so much more. Salad, soup, snack, breadcrumbs, eggs, crushed on pasta, hummus, feed the birds. Bread is joy: We're two brothers obsessed with bread. While other kids screamed for ice cream, we begged for a beautiful crusty sourdough loaf (thanks, (at)mom). Now we bring that same excitement to every bag of Kooshy croutons. Starting with the highest quality ingredients, we make a delicious loaf of real sourdough bread. Then we lovingly cut, season, and bake it once more to get that perfect crouton crunch-after all, bread is joy!