Kevin's Natural Foods Beef Bolognese, Paleo 26 Oz

Ready in 5-min. Eat better without sacrificing flavor. When I was in my twenties, an autoimmune disorder threw my life off balance. Nothing helped consistently until I discovered a paleo-friendly diet that avoided artificial ingredients. While I was grateful to return to my everyday life, I found myself paying for guilt-free meals with boring cuisine and a lack of flavor. I made it my mission to change this. My quick-to-prepare entrees, sauces, and sides make it easy to create paleo-friendly meals at home that taste so good you feel like you're cheating. Enjoy! - Kevin. Taste republic. The Perfect Pairing: This is gluten-free pasta done right! Made with cauliflower, this delicious pasta from Taste Republic is gluten-free and grain-free, with the same amazing taste and texture as regular pasta. Paired with our beef and mouth-watering sauce, it's a quick and delicious dinner you can feel good about.