Just Ice Tea Green Tea, Moroccan Mint 16 Fl Oz

Just sweet enough. Eat the change. Honestly. We were heartbroken when our beloved tea brand was discontinued. After growing with us for 23 years, our organic farmers were left stranded. We couldn't let that happen. Besides, our fans were thirsty. So we got brewing. Our farmers do more than grow the tea leaves and spices for our bottled teas. Through fair trade and organic farming, they provide a more just, healthier way of life for their communities and our planet and healthier options for you. This is just ice tea, but it’s also so much more. With just ice for farmers and for you, P.S we renowned chef spike Mendelssohn and his just sweet enough recipes. Spike is co-founder of our parent company eat the change. Here’s your chance to drink the change. Contains real honey. Fair Trade certified. Contains fair trade certified ingredients.