Jovial Wheat Berries, 100% Organic, Einkorn 16 oz

Inherently good. Wheat as nature intended. Glyphosate residue Einkorn is an easy to digest ancient wheat. The only wheat never hybridized. Good food starts at the farm. Einkorn: unchanged for 12,000 years. Modern Wheat: bred for higher yields and strong gluten. Wheat as Nature Intended: Einkorn was the first seed planted by farmers 12,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution. It's one of the oldest, purest foods in existence today and the only wheat never hybridized, making it well tolerated by many with gluten sensitivities. We work directly with small organic farmers and each of their harvests are certified as glyphosate-free by The Detox Project to maintain the integrity of this most ancient grain. From Ancient Grains. A healthier future. Discover a wheat you can feel good about eating. Einkorn has a low gluten index and has weaker gluten proteins than those found in modern wheat. This pure and nutritious grain can be cooked like rice, added to soups or salads, and prepared like porridge. Or grind it in a grain mill for the freshest 100% whole grain flour. We've perfected 100 recipes in Einkorn: The Cookbook Get your copy at