Jack & Annie's Jackfruit Tenders, Vegan, Crispy 9 oz

New. Ready to cook. Hi, I'm Annie! Growing up eating meat, I knew I should eat more plants - but I wanted more from them. The deliciousness of meat, without all kinds of processing. I searched the world over for a better way to enjoy plant-first foods until I found the perfect plant, Jackfruit. Meet Jack - short for Jackfruit! Jack, grown on the wild Jack Tree, is a real, whole plant that eats like your favorite meat, naturally. Prepared simply with seasonings and sauces, It's as satisfying as it is juicy. And it's better for you, for farmers, and our planet. Whole Jack - Always our first ingredient. Good source of protein from plants. 42% less fat than chicken tenders (Chicken Tenders contain 12g Total Fat per Serving (84g). Jack & Annie's Crispy Jack Tenders contain 9g Total Fat per Serving (85g)). 4 g good source of fiber.