Hop Wtr Sparkling Hop Water, Classic, Non-Alcoholic 6 ea

A refreshing, sparkling beverage that tastes crisp, citrusy, and piney. Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic & Azacca Hops: For a refreshingly crisp, citrusy, piney flavor. Ashwagandha: To destress & unwind. L-Theanine: For mood & cognitive performance. 120% of your daily Vitamin C. Proudly hopped. We tap the full power of hops, their crisp, bold taste and calming benefits, and unapologetically pull them out from under the shadow of alcohol (not sorry, beer). Instead, we team them up with other mood-boosting ingredients that help you hit your goals - not hide inside with a hangover. So crack open a cold one and cheers to never choosing between having fun or missing out.