Ultra Strength One-per-Day RxOmega-3 with Vitamin D3 Enteripure®

RxOmega-3 gives you peace of mind in an omega-3 fish oil supplement that checks all the boxes of a premium-quality fish oil: Pharmaceutical grade: Provides research-supported omega-3s EPA & DHA, as well as naturally occurring DPA, from sustainably sourced and wild caught fish Molecularly distilled: Removes impurities such as mercury, PCBs, and glyphosate Enteripure®️ softgels: Revolutionary technology that provides advanced absorption and prevents breakdown in the stomach, ensuring no fishy aftertaste Quality checked: Guaranteed to meet or exceed the world’s most stringent fish oil standards RxOmega-3 is available in softgels in a variety of formulas and strengths, including Ultra Strength with 2150 mg omega-3s per 2-softgel serving.