Wishgarden Hoarse Whisperer Throat Spray

Reach for this formula when your voice is hoarse, speaking may be difficult or your throat feels irritated, tired and dry. The herbs in this formula are moistening and soothing to help ease the discomforts of seasonal challenges or overuse. For both in-the-moment needs or to get through a short, tough time, find your voice again with Hoarse Whisperer. For dry, irritated throats that need soothing, comfort and calm When you’re feeling hoarse and finding speaking uncomfortable, except for a whisper Herbs to moisten and soften the mucus membranes and ease those scratchy throats With a cooling quality, this formula helps to disperse the heat of irritated tissues along the respiratory tract Supports a productive cough to help move phlegm while also easing dry, spasmodic coughing bouts Helps to maintain a healthy respiratory microbial environment Whether it’s at first onset, later stage during a seasonal challenge, or maybe just from overuse of one’s voice, Hoarse Whisperer has you covered Gluten-free.*