GoodBelly Probiotics, Digestion, To Go, Fast Melts, Lemon Flavor 30 ea

10 Billion probiotics. Digestive health made easy. Support your digestion with a fruity, dissolvable probiotic powder. GoodBelly Fast Melts deliver a power packed. Probiotic punch to help you experience the difference. A packet a day will have your belly smiling in no time! As probiotic pioneers that have been around for over a decade. We believe in using the best quality and most well researched strains available. Our mission is to support your digestive health. Where your overall wellbeing starts. Why GoodBelly? Probiotics is all we do! We walk the talk. The LP299V strain has been recognized as one of the most researched and impactful probiotic strains available. We dig science. LP299V is naturally occurring in the human gut. It has been studied for more than 2 decades and has numerous research trails to show it may help promote healthy digestion and overall wellness. Probi digestis.