Garden Of Life Probiotics, 100 Billion, Vegetarian Capsules 30 Ea

Dr. formulate. Pre + Post + Probiotics. 14 Probiotic strains. Digestive & Immune. 3 x action formula. Triple action formula. A high potency complete probiotic formula with pre + pro + postbiotics, delivering powerful digestive and immune system. support. Prebiotic clinically studied to promote the growth of good bacteria. Probiotic. Featuring clinically studied strains proven to promote digestive & immune system health. Postbiotic. Our exclusive Upcycled metabolites that support probiotic growth. David perlmutter, M.D. One of America's leading experts in the human microbiome. The preforPro Difference. Clinically proven prebiotic that increases the growth of good bacteria, and limits the growth of bad bacteria. Package size is determined by labeling information, not the number of servings in this container. The serving size and contents are clearly marked. Certified Neutral Product Certified B Corporation.