Rainbow Light Just Once Energizer One Multivitamin, Tablets

Potent & Science-Safe. Gentle on the Stomach. 100% Natural & Vegetarian. Potent & Science-Safe Targeted Nutrition for Building Vitality Naturally-Iron-Free. Energizer One is a holistic, whole body formulation that supports long-term health, and features nutrients, foods and herbs that support increased vitality for a difference you can feel in - just one tablet a day. Potent & Science-Safe - with a balanced nutrient profile backed by medical research and featuring added B vitamin support plus our Superfood Energy Complex delivering a stimulant-free combination of nutrient-defense green foods and the energizing botanicals gingko, American ginseng and eleuthero;; Gentle on the Stomach - with nourishing and energizing whole foods plus plant-source enzymes to aid digestion; Guaranteed 100% Natural and Vegetarian - free of animal products, artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives often found in vitamin products. VegeGuard screened for vegans: no trace animal ingredients. Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and other objectionable additives often found in vitamin products. Hypoallergenic. Contains no sugar, lactose, wheat, gluten or allergenic yeasts.