Kiss My Face Moisturizing Lotion, Deep, Olive & Aloe 16 Oz

Naturally nourishing antioxidants. 2 in 1: Moisturize & soothe. No parabens; phthalates. Naturally effective. Cruelty-free. Our soothing formula has naturally nourishing antioxidants like olive extracts and healing aloe. One kiss is all it takes to give your sensitive skin extra TLC. We kiss with purpose! For over 30 years we've been obsessively passionate about giving you naturally effective products with a healthy respect for our fragile planet. - Bob & Steve, Founders & Chief Kissers. Our beliefs. Visit us. Our Recipe: No: parabens; phthalates. 25% recycled plastic. Ethical Sourcing: Bottle made in North America. Please recycle. Share the love. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Made in USA.